Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Baseball or Football ?

One ESPN writers thoughts on why Baseball is still better than football . I think this guy is insane but I'll post it so you can make your own decision .

Here it is :

The NFL season begins this week amid so much unavoidable hype you'd think Will and Kate either were going to compete on "Dancing With the Stars" or had just signed as free agents with the Packers. With the NFL's overwhelming publicity machine turning the propaganda dial up to 11, it's time for my more-or-less annual column on why baseball still is at least a three-point favorite over football

1. Employee relations: Thanks to the recent NFL lockout, baseball now has gone the longest of the four major sports without a work stoppage. The last baseball strike was settled 16 long years ago, before Derek Jeter made his major league debut or slept with his first Miss Universe or had a blogger insist that he is a terrible fielding shortstop. (I will, however, give the NFL owners credit for having the sense to hold their obscene lockout during the offseason, when no one really cared.)

2. The world's game: This week the Mariners called up Alex Liddi, the first major leaguer born and raised in Italy. He wasn't their first European this season, either -- that distinction went to Greg Halman, who grew up in the other Haarlem, in the Netherlands. So contrary to what the International Olympic Committee may think, baseball's popularity is growing around the world. In fact, there currently are major leaguers who grew up playing baseball on five continents -- North and South America, Australia, Asia and Europe -- plus, there are minor leaguers from Africa. And of course, Manny Ramirez was from another planet.

Meanwhile, the NFL closed its European league four years ago. But at least fans across the Atlantic no longer have to worry about the owners blacking out non-sellout games on Radio Free Europe.

3. Baseball caps: They are as quintessential, ubiquitous and indispensible an American apparel item as a pair of blue jeans, especially if you're losing your hair. They are the greatest U.S. export other than democracy, jazz and ....

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