Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Have some PRIDE !!

Saying how it’s the saddest clip on the internet and how depressed he is for all the Wal Mart employees blah blah. You know how bad I would fucking kill for this type of team spirit around my workplace? Wake up every day and sit at my computer alone for 9 hours. Eat lunch by myself. Watch ESPN by myself. Most human interaction I get is talking to my dopey friends on facebook about inane shit or busting on people on our fantasy football chat board . If I’m lucky I’ll get an email from some reader of the TDC that doesn’t make me feel like a fucking moron when I’m done reading. Just sitting in the blogosphere giggling to myself at little kids getting hit in the face on Youtube then I look up and it’s bedtime. And what are these Wal Mart motherfuckers doing? Just stomping and cheering and getting pep talked the fuck out of. Everybody an equal part of the team from the managers to the cashiers to the retards handing out smiley face stickers. Picking eachother up when they’re down. Team spirit out the asshole.

Must be nice....Must be nice.

Ohh and Target has some god damn cheery folks too !!

Here we go ....

24/7 Blake Griffin: NBA Star Turned Intern

Florida firm offers free AK-47s to new customers

Bargain coffins from Transylvania. Where else?

Remember last week when I told you how horrible The NY Giants and their fans are and what a classless organization it is from the inside out , Here's an example from Monday night's game :

NASA photo: The day the Star Trek crew met the real Enterprise

As we come closer to Thanksgiving, many of you will want to do something new and different for your big meal. Take this to heart and leave frying the turkey to the professionals (or at least to the intelligent people).

3D animation of a spider greeting a moth that happens to get caught in its web. Full screen + Full volume required.

Oh, Ireland, the land of my forefathers, interoffice harassment, and women who die after having sex with dogs. The latest news is that the government will pay real money to learn how to stick fake jewels on lady's naughty bits.

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