Wednesday, September 14, 2011

The Fab Five

NEW HAVEN — Police said they charged five women and two men during a prostitution sting in the Fair Haven section of New Haven.The police department’s interdiction unit made the arrests over the weekend in response to neighborhood complaints, police said.

The Weathered Veteran


Puerto Rico

I Just Farted

The Maid

The Muscle

Drugged Coco Crisp

I think my dick just crept back into my body NEVER to return after seeing this lineup . Okay I was getting ready to do my normal rank and file of this broken up hooker ring and then suddenly I realized something. According to the article there were 7 arrests made. 5 of them were girls and 2 guys. Wait what? I only see one guy I think? As I write this I honestly have no clue who the 2nd dude is? That’s so awesome! I know drugged out Coco Crisp at the bottom is a guy, but who is the other one? It honestly could be any of them right?

I'll tell you which one in the forums .....You'll never guess !

Ok , Here we go ....

The meanest drought in modern Texas history looks different out here, away from the cities.

The Astronaut Suicides - In space, no one can hear your cries for help.

For most of the last ten years Michael Fay was an official war artist for the Marines in Iraq and Afghanistan. A war artist, in case you don’t know, is someone who heads to combat zones to draw what he sees there, which seems both incredibly dangerous and a potent counterargument to anyone who still thinks that artists are wimps.

Cop and former Marine shot and killed while sitting in his patrol car, but it was what he did just before the tragedy that showed just what kind of man he was.
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