Monday, September 19, 2011

No way things can go wrong , Right ?

Gotta love high kick videos, just absolutely no way they can ever go wrong. It’s like putting an apple on someone’s head and shooting through it with an arrow. You almost never hear about stuff like that anymore because there’s rarely an incident. I mean you saw the video, dude nailed it. Jet Li himself couldn’t have pulled off a better roundhouse high kick. Precision and speed are what the martial arts are all about, I’d say this guy has both in spades.

PS – not gonna lie, aside from the gross inaccuracy that was actually a pretty impressive kick. I could never get that high. I’m the least flexible person in the world. Legit struggle to touch my knees. I’d need a trampoline just to kick a baby in the face.

PPS – I counted 4 people on the ground at one point. From one kick.

PPPS - All Russians are semi retarded

Here we go ......

I loved every scary minute of this ....and will watch it 10 more times today !!

A website that collects all manner of homemade Star Wars fan art, crafts, and stuff. Some of which is better than others obviously. Like that in the thumbnail? That's Ground Meat Jabba The Hut.

Twelve Jaw-Dropping First Punch KO's In MMA
You know these guys were thrilled as pigs in shit because there is no way they all haven't said at least once in their lives "There will be two hits..I hit you and you hit the floor," and they all finally fulfilled that dream.

Breanne Bensen (NSFW) - Every woman in my life would be so proud. She's standing there naked and I still noticed she died her hair black.

This is really cool ....and really hot !!

Show Me - Type in a subject and you'll get videos of said subject. Nonstop. Constantly. You can't skip. You can't rewind. It's nonstop.

The Scarlettjohanssoning Meme Is Awesomely NSFW . Finally a "_______ is the new Planking" internet trend I can, ahem, get behind.

This Wigger Thug Ain't Nuthin' To Fuck With......Unless you're his mom.

Does This Chick Have The Longest Tongue In The World?
I don't know, I just hope she remembers to lick from front to back.

A Buttload Of Various "Wipeout" Clips
Which is wonderful because my love for Wipeout is directly equal to my hatred for Jon Henson's commentary. I would tear Jill Wagner in half, though.
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