Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Renewed Faith

Yesterday was a tough day for me to put together a column because I brought my 8 year old son to his first NFL game to see our beloved Cowboys blow another sure win against the NY Jets . He picked a great first game to be at because this one was an instant classic . We got back so late I was too tired for anything .

But I have to tell you , I was a little worried because I wasnt going to deprive my son who is a huge Cowboy fan like his old man the opportunity to wear all his Cowboys gear to the game to support his team but I have been to NY too many times and know how these scumbag fans usually are . But I figured I would take my chances and we would wear our stuff and see what happens . We met up with Forum member Daveyboy and his crew of Jets fans who have a pretty good tailgate and these guys were all Super nice guys . They really made my kid feel good as they were fooling around with him helping along his experience . The food was great and the company. was too .

As for the game , which was where I was most concerned , We sat in a section where all the people around us were very nice and not confrontational or mean to us at all . The guys were all screwing around with my son and he was screwing around right back with them . Of course there were fights in other sections and all but the guys around my son and I were nothing but cool with us .

Now Giant fans are a different story , they all should have been drowned at birth but these Jets fans renewed my faith in the NY football fans for the moment .

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