Sunday, September 25, 2011

TDC WILLIES Large Hardon Collider


When the first atomic bomb was exploded, it was done so with the small risk that it would cause a chain reaction in the air, and would continue, growing exponentially in three dimensions, until the whole of Earth became a continuous atomic explosion for several thousand years.

Earth would become a tiny sun, a star.

I think our Earth is actually the best planet evah, because we are on it. But Saturn will always be the coolest.

Well, when the Large Hardon Collider was first fired up, there was a small risk there, too.

There was a risk that in the collisions between muons, neutrinos and their ilk, the particles that come into our own Universe, our own dimension, our space and time---

---well, there was a tiny chance that this would open a door between two universes, and this would cause all matter and time to implode, combine, and annihilate each other and everything.

Nothing would ever have existed, because time would be erased.

I thought you should know.

But, yet again, the risks were small, and the payout was huge.

But wait a parsec.

Now we know that Einstein, (a favorite genius of yours and mine) may have been wrong.

The Large Hardon Collider has found evidence of particles zooming faster than the speed of light.

Energy does Not equal mass times the speed of light, evidently.

This means that our math may be a bit off.

But it’s close enough for us to continue.

That’s how it felt, in the desert of the Sans Joking River Valley, where I held court with two of my bestest friends.

I will continue this tale for you, my friend, after I come back home from another desert, currently known as Las Vegas. I have to travel there to do my gig.

I will try to put something up for you next weekend, but if it chust ain’t good enough, then nope. Won't cheat you. It's not a gamble.

Nothing but the best for you, babe.


You’re gonna miss me when I’m gone.

Sunday cartoon for you.


Freddie Mercury lives? Ladies and Gentlemen, Marc Martelle.

Rugby anyone?

God Help You.

God Help Us All.

---willies out.

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