Thursday, September 29, 2011



Sox up 9 games with a month to play. Rays down 7 runs with 2 innings to play. And bingo bango just like that Boston is back at the losers table. I welcome Boston back to the loser’s circle with open arms. You’re back where you belong. I , and every other Yankee fan , was hoping it would end like this even though we will potentially have to play the better team in the playoffs it is always good to see the Red Sox and their fans suffer horrible things when it comes to their baseball team . Dont get me wrong , The Red Sox would have been great for the Yankees if they backed their way in because they have all but given up at this point and would have been a walkover .....but they did what they have always done , Blow It !!

Here's the timeline from last night :

Not even sure what to say. I’m just going to spit out a bunch of shit that I remember from one of the most bizarre nights in Boston sports history. I have no idea whether this is in order or whether it even happened. There is a possibility I dreamed it because you can’t write a script like this. Texiera hits a grand slam. Yankees up 7-0. Red Sox up 3-2. Scutaro turns great double play. Lavarnway tags somebody out at plate. Lester swears his dick off leaving the mound. Red Sox blow about a million chances to extend the lead. Rain Delay. I start watching Revenge. I get a tweet saying something about Yankees game not being over. Flick that on. 7-6 is the new score. Yankees are throwing it on purpose. Red Sox still up 3-2. No Mariano Rivera. Tampa Bay scrub hits a 2 strike 2 out HR on Dutch Kincaid meatball. Scutaro gets chucked at the plate. Red Sox blow opportunity to blow game wide open in the 9th. Yankees have 1st and 3rd nobody on and don’t score. Heidi Watney interviews Papelbon as he brags about how much he loves pressure and is having a grand old time. Papelbon gives up 3 straight hits with 2 outs to lose game. Buck Showalter has shit eating grin on his face. Evan Longoria goes deep. Game, set, match. Thinking they will Fire everybody.

Ohhh What a night !!

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