Friday, October 7, 2011


For all of you who emailed about the missing Hootie column yesterday , No he isnt dead or in a ditch ..He simply forgot .

Now this guy is a god damn genius , He sums the state and feelings of the people in this nation perfectly !!

Brilliant ...Just Brilliant !!

Here we go .....

This is a legit news story/headline (TIME magazine): "French Schools Are Rationing Ketchup To Keep Their Children French"

8 Things You Won't Believe Plants Do
When No One's Looking

Ashton Kutcher Alleged Mistress, Sara Leal, Topless Party Pictures! I don't really know who the hell she is, but she's a cute little chickadee, so what's the harm in looking at her titties? Enjoy.

ESPN the Magazine -- The Body Issue 2011


The Ten Fastest Cars In The World...With video evidence, of course.

A Hefty Collection Of Weight Watchers Fails
Don't worry, this is not a gallery of fat chicks who couldn't stick to their diets.

Library Of A Madman: Telepsychics
Everything you ever wanted to know about the power of perfect living, but were too afraid to ask.
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