Monday, October 31, 2011

The Future ?

Microsoft Creates Jaw-Dropping Vision of World in 2019, Leaves Out the Hoverboards?

I must’ve said “oh shit” during this clip at least a half dozen times. Totally impressive from top to bottom. Everything is here: future suicide door cars, 3D transparent smart phones, drawing text in thin air, etc. Only I couldn’t help but notice the total lack of teenage gangs roaming the city streets looking for trouble on their hoverboards. I mean sure — I get it. You don’t want to open the door to too many of your secrets to Apple. But many of us have been sitting on the sidelines waiting for something a little more intricate than taking a sorta-sharp tablet screen and making it really sharp. Those things are nice but I can’t hover on them for even a second.

Do your job, creators of the future.

Here we go .....

Taylor Swift Threatens Lawsuit Over Topless Photo
, Sensational headline - dull story. Unfortunately (for us), she isn't suing for invasion of privacy, but because it's a fake.

Well, I'm no theologian, but I'm thinkin' Tebow needs some different prayers. He had 117 net passing yards in 39 attempts and a rating of 57 in his team's 45-10 loss.

Closer for hire: Kf-Rod is a free agent after the Milwaukee Brewers decline his option

The "Snowtober" storm as seen from space

Naked and drunk Moscow motorist
crashes into 17 cars

Spherical Flying Machine
Developed by Japan Ministry Of Defense

Pizza - a tough racket. Domino's managers burn down Papa John's

Tebowing Becomes Latest Internet Trend - The idle internet douchebags always manage to zero in on certain people for their ridicule memes. The latest is Tim Tebow, the first sophomore ever to win the Heisman.

And I'll finish with one of the dumbest prank videos ever ....this doesnt look fun at all .

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