Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Hood Rat Killing it with police

Ok , I know I have been posting alot of these HOODRAT videos the lasr couple weeks but there are alot of things to discuss in them even though the forums are dead !


Legitimately the worst police work I think I may have ever seen. And I’m assuming its because the B Squad of the NYPD. Everyone on the A Team is down town trying to corral the silverspooners of OccupyWallStreet.

Remember in Die Hard With A Vengeance when the bad guys create the elaborate ruse that there was a bomb in one of the schools somewhere in Manhattan, and the cops were so preoccupied that all the normal crooks of the city just got to run wild robbing anyone they wanted? Thats whats going on right now with the economic protests. Crazy black chicks up at 125th street just going berserk dominating the shit out of the cops because nobody’s even paying attention. Those chicks were like stealing the cops batons and flat out fighting back and nobody was listening to their calls for back up. Probably “Uhhh yea Officer Smith we’ve got our hands full down here with these scrawny hipster white kids. You’re gonna have to battle the hoodrats on your own. Over.”

Here we go ....

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