Wednesday, October 5, 2011

I have SOLD OUT !!

Ok , Have we entered Bizzaro World ?? How is it in a race conversation that I am actually taking sides with the black side but in this case ...I am . What the video and you" ll see why :

On the M31 bus going crosstown on 57th St. an old woman complains that a fellow passenger is encroaching on her seat space. A racist argument ensues. This video is evidence I should never leave the house.

I have a question. Is this the most level headed, calm black woman in the world? This old bird tells her she’s so fat she needs two seats. She tells her “you think you can do whatever you want because you’re black.” The black lady says “you need to see a psychiatrist” and her responses is “You need to lose weight, thats what you need to do.”

Thats Strike One, Two, and Three. Fuck that actually the fat comments are 1,2,3 all by themselves and the black comments are strikes 4 through 12. This bitch made it through like 4 innings with inappropriate comments. I’d say anytime you tell a fat black woman on the New York City bus that she’s fat and black you’re facing certain death. Doesn’t matter that everything this chick said was probably 100% true. There are certain comments that should usually trigger death and she dodged a serious bullet.

I wouldn’t be surprised if Death followed this chick around for the next few days like Final Destination. She was supposed to die on that bus from a fit of fat, black rage and she somehow escaped.

Here we go ....

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