Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Im Misunderstood .....LOL

I get emails from time to time asking me about certain things I post and where do I get the nerve to post and say some of the things I post and I love them . I like to think that the things I post make people so mad or happy that they will take the time to email me either hating me or thanking me .

But usually the emails pour in when a race issue is brought up , which is typical , and alot of people dont understand my position because I usually only lean one way .Now I get this email from a person I dont know asking me :

" Why is it that you always seem to make fun of black people on your website ? I think it shows your ignorance and inability to relate to the common man . "

Now I dont hate black people , Im an equal opportunity hater because I hate all stupid people but it just so happens that most of the stupid asses I find are black . I think all the videos and links I put will support my columns and I have another doozy today to further back up my claim ....Check it Out :

SEE ? This shit writes itself , I dont even need to type another word about it .

Here we go ....

"If you’ve always liked Scarlett Johansson, but wish she looked more like a single mom you could pick up at a truck stop… ta-da!"

Eddie Murphy Predicts That He Will Be the Worst Oscars Host of All Time

Best local commercial ever !! Alleged Cuban gynecologist turns American used car salesman.

Kim Kardashian is booed at her own birthday party....And she wasn't even in Philadelphia.

Disney Face Swap, The Website . Are they doing this right?

The Fifty Best Props In Pro-Wrestling History , With video evidence, of course.

Did you ever notice how every phone number in a movie or TV show starts with “555″? They do that because there are no real phone numbers that begin with 555, but you’d think after so long that they might find a different phone number prefix, just so that it doesn’t seem so cliche.

Sabrina Davi (NSFW) - Maybe you wouldn't find it cold enough out to need a hoodie if you put some clothes on, silly.

Play "Community" Bingo!
One of the greatest television experiences in recent memory gets even greater because now you, yes you, can get involved!

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