Wednesday, October 19, 2011


BREAKING NEWS: Women Bad at Driving, Refuse to Admit They're Bad at Driving...DUH !!

According to a new report, women will rarely take responsibility in the event of a car crash while men are more prepared to hold their hands up to mistakes and settle disputes without arguing. About 78 per cent – almost eight out of ten – women involved in a car crash denied it was their fault and, when asked about the cause of the accident, came up with more excuses for what went wrong, according to a study conducted on behalf of Halfords. Out of the 2,000 motorists polled, almost one in five – 19 per cent – of women claimed there was a problem with their car while 31 per cent blamed factors outside of their control, such as the other driver, an obstruction in the road or the weather. Insurance company Young Marmalade, which carried out the research, said they noticed a disparity between what people say happens after an accident and what actually occurred on closer examination. Staff at the insurance company said it was often amused by the statements provided by drivers involved in accidents. Some of the more unbelievable excuses included: ‘An invisible car came out of nowhere, struck my car and vanished’, while another said: ‘My car was illegally parked as it backed into the other vehicle.’ A spokesman for Young Marmalade, which insures young and newly-qualified drivers, said: ‘People sometimes struggle to put up their hands and say “yes, that was down to me” and look to blame someone or something else.’ The study also found that men preferred to own up to their mistakes, with the vast majority of male drivers polled admitted that the collision was their fault whereas more than half of women said they would blame the other driver. Only a third of men polled – 36 per cent – said they reacted to other motorists’ bad driving, by swearing or flashing hand gestures which suggested they tended to ignore the mistakes of other motorists. Meanwhile, 56 per cent of women said they responded by shouting or waving their arms. It would also seem that women have higher opinions of themselves as drivers, with 94 per cent of the describing themselves as very good or above average, compared with 76 per cent of men. However, men confessed to taking more risks and breaking the law more often. Twice as many men than women owned up to regularly exceeding the speed limit – 63 per cent compared with 26 per cent – while four out of ten men revealed they were amber gamblers at traffic lights, compared with just 8 per cent of women.

Every man should print out this article and carry it in their glove compartment. Even if only for that moment when some 17 year-old in a ’98 Neon comes barreling towards your parked car and doesn’t brake in time because her Sidekick keeps auto-correcting “bitch” to “beach”. You need this document because she is 100% going to leap out flustered on some damsel in distress stuff when the cops come. Have these facts ready. Hopefully the cop has testes. Look him dead in the eye as you slowly unfold the print-out and tell him, “Woman have a hard time telling the truth after accidents. Look. It’s science.” I’m not saying you’re gonna get off scott free but at the very least it’ll allow him to consider the possibility of her being a self-centered liar.

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