Friday, October 14, 2011

Occupy ..My ASS !!!!!

Ok , I OFFICIALLY HATE all the dirty hippies and lazy assholes participating in OCCUPY WALL STREET . These people are ridiculous and at this point have no agenda other than trying to satify there own needs . Like this guy :

And this, my friends, is OccupyWallStreet in a nutshell. Just a bunch of uninformed, entitled babies who “read something online” who think that if stand outside in a park pooping in public and smoking weed with a bunch of other silver spooners stamping their feet long enough, they’ll get someone to pay for all the shit they want. I’m sure there’s a couple people out there who actually understand the entire situation and they may even have great ideas and suggestions as to how we can compromise and find a middle ground to fix the economy. But, to borrow their phrase, 99% of the people out there are just a bunch of assholes who are inconveniencing tons of people in the hopes that they can “get what they want.”

To be perfectly honest I’m not even that mad at this dude. His “Throw me a bone, pay my tuition” sign is on par with those bums who beg with signs that say “Why lie? I need a beer.” You might as well just give it a shot. Its perfect that the interviewer used the term Christmas list here. Every Christmas the #1 thing on my list was always completely absurd. Like I’d ask for something like a spaceship on the off chance that maybe my parents would just splurge and get it for me. Same with this clown ass here. Hey there’s a bunch of people demanding shit from the government? Might as well get on board with this and ask for whatever I want!

He's the face of freeloaders who think everything in life should be handed to them. If something is free, one doesn't appreciate it as much as if they've had to work for it. Because "that's what I want" would have gotten my ass paddled back when I lived with my parents.

I’m making a sign right now ask we speak: “I am part of the 99% can someone please pay for my Car Payment.... Its due later this month.”

Here we go .....

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Check this shit out :

Hattie Yvonne Branch told police that a 14-year-old boy riding her bus would regularly shout profanity at her, threaten to break her jaw and gesture with his elbow as if to strike her.The 70-year-old Polk school bus attendant said her job was to "keep the peace on the bus," and the boy would bully her on a daily basis, according to a transcript."I don't have any problem with nobody but him," she said.
On June 2, police say Branch went into a rage and beat the boy — pulling his hair, hitting him and biting his back twice.

Hayley Marie (NSFW)
Be careful up there, Hayley! Pouring all that oil out is going to make that ledge slippery and you don't want to fall and break your arm!
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