Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Oops !!

Hey Remember This Money Quick Scam Infomercial Guy? Yeah He Killed Himself in Jail Yesterday

U.S. Marshals said Donald Lapre, a Phoenix-based infomercial pitchman, was found dead in his cell Sunday at a federal-contract facility in Florence. Lapre was being held on fraud charges linked to his vitamin-selling business. He was arrested in Tempe earlier this year. Lapre was found about 8:30 a.m., unresponsive in an apparent suicide attempt, said Matt Hershey, supervisory deputy U.S. Marshal. Officials refused to say which Florence facility Lapre was in and did not immediately know if he was alone in his housing cell. Prison officials gave lifesaving measures until Florence police and paramedics arrived, said Hershey. Lapre was wanted by law enforcement after he failed to appear at his U.S. District Court arraignment in June on 41 counts of conspiracy, mail fraud, wire fraud, promotional money laundering and transactional money laundering. A federal grand jury indicted Lapre on fraud-related charges for promoting his vitamin-selling business, Greatest Vitamin in the World of Phoenix. The indictments alleged that the business signed up 226,794 people who were promised lucrative commission checks for selling vitamins and recruiting others to the business. Customers and investors spent nearly $51.8 million, but only 5,000 victims were paid about $6.4 million in commission, according to a statement released in June by the U.S. Department of Justice. Lapre collected at least $2.2 million from the business from 2004 to 2007.

So we’re down one Billy Mays and one Donald Larpe, with the ShamWow guy just now getting his career back after getting his tongue bitten out by that hooker. Damn infomercial pitch men are going down like wrestlers these days. Must be that non-stop high-energy and positive attitude (read: cocaine). If I were Tony Little I’d watch my ass for a little while.

And what a brilliant, long-term strategy Mr. Larpe’s newspaper ads idea was, right? I know whenever I’m looking for something I can’t find in a store the first place I go is the classifieds second of the Daily News. Right before I take out my checkbook, find a stamp, and mail my request and payment to the concerning parties. Then I’ll probably sit down with the TV Guide to figure out what shows are on tonight. It’s the basic routine of ever American nowadays, right? Some things will never change.

Here we go .....

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The Ten Least Metal Moments On Adult Swim , Making a list of your least metal moments is incredibly un-metal. Metal.

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