Saturday, October 29, 2011



My son Gabriel told me to put this here. You should heed him, as I do.

Joey and Katheena went looking for me.

The following are Joey’s words.

= = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = =

“Weeeeee-ill. Me and Katheeen-ah saw you leave the ballroom and then we see some tall, dark haired chick following you. Looked like she wanted a piece of you duuuude! Was you hooking up with her? We all breathing hard from our show in that huge dance hall and we making our way out of there because the gin flooded back!

“I know, Weee-ill. You should have said something about that and warned us. Like, 'Hey, this shit won’t last. Then you will be all fucked up again.' Or something like that. Make a fucking effort, dude!

“But we owned that dance floor, 'cause of that shit. True that. It was like Katheeen-ah knew what I was gonna do next before I did, and she was there. We tore that floor up! I never danced like that before.

“OK, OK, I’ll get on with it. So we making our way out the crowd, folks all clapping and patting our backs and shit, and some want to make speeches to us or some shit, but what was I gonna do, let my boy get away with the rest of that shit you had in your pocket? I mean, we coulda used some more, just sayin’ it out loud here, no harsh. Smores. Hehehe

“Now I know you won’t be all bailing on us and just go out the front doors. You wouldn’t forget about Sean either. So we come out of that huge dance hall, and then we see that huge staircase that goes up. I’m thinking: ‘Did my buddy Weeee-ill take that chick up there?' You know that is where them bedrooms must be at.

“But then I got an idea there and then, which was quite remarkable, after that gin got to swimming in my head again. I thought that you would take that tall bitch to a side room or some private place down below.

“Your private places, down below. Hahahaha!

“OK, OK, dayam, dude. Jeez. So, Katheeeen-ah says, ‘Look!'

"She spots you two at the other end of that hallway, and you and that dark haired chick all looking left, right, left, right. And then you two disappear behind the crowd. Katheeeen-ah grabs my arm and she say, she says, ‘Hold on. It’s spinning right here and now.’

“Yup, she coming down, too. Hard. That’s where shit got nasty for us, bro. We had to navigate with a fading map. Like it was made from water color, and the rain fucking our shit up.

“We got to where you been standing, but you ain’t there no more. You and that chick looking left, right, left, right, …well, that was what we did as well.

“We could not get a clue. And that gin was pounding us down like a muthafucka.”


Joey stopped here and took a sip of his green tea. Joey is quite healthy now.


But that gin had bitten me as well. I was lying on the ground, looking for my own brains on ceiling above, and I grabbed a towel hanging over my head.

Except, it wasn't a towel. I ripped Minacca’s silky dress from her body while she leaned over me.

My heart was trying to catch a breath, like it was hiccuping.


Joey continued, and these are his words, again:

“So we standing there. I smell fried food coming from the right. My belly growls at me that there will be some feasting!

“Next thing you know, that dark haired chick come running down the hallway from the left! Tall bitch be straggling her dress over her bra and panties, and she crying! I’m thinking, ‘What the fuck did ole Weeee-ill do to her? He trying out some new freaky shit on that poor rich bitch?’

“OK, OK, sorry. I'll get on with it. Take a chill pill, bro!

“So we knew the right direction.


"And that was what mattered most.

"No, not ‘cause of the white envelope. I told you; I’d follow you anywhere, with or without that shit. Katheeen-ah would too. You knew that, didn’t you? Shit, dude. Pretty obvious.

“Then the floor tilts up.

"Katheeeen-ah all slipping away, and I know we ain’t got much time left before it becomes like Everest to climb. It would be a really hard trek, like to the stars or someshit.

“Folks running after that chick smack into us, and other folks heading down from behind climb around us to see why all the screaming happened. So I grab Katheeen-ah and we head on as fast as we can, all bumping into them folks going both ways. It was like an anthill, all them scurrious ants in the way.

“Then we come to this room where folks all grouped around, bending down over someone. I knew it was you. Why? Because you be feeling like me and Katheeen-ah! Except we got the adrenaline going on, bro!

“There's this old dude fucking with you. He got on some round, broken shades, and he doing something to your chest. I bust in through them crooked vultures and grab him off you. He stands up and faces me, all shouting something, but I take a swing at him.


"You know I got your back. Never doubt that, Weeeee-ill.

“He duck, and he gone. Never saw him before, or again.

“You remember us picking you up and taking you to the poolside? We get you to the pool, Katheeen-ah all splashing water on your face, and you wake up. Then Katheena shout at me to get you at a table. We gonna line up, bro. No doubt.

“Next thing you know, all these old fucks dressed up in some tuxedos gather around, but they got robes on like they judges and shit. What the fuck? I can barely stand up! Prolly they thinking we trying to drown you or someshit.

“We get you to one of them side tables, and I friggin roared at them. Folks all backing off, and Katheeen-ah, she don’t even know what I’m doing, but she charge at them, and she saved us! She was flapping her fucking wings and she beat them off!


"Well, then,

"I reach in your leather and pull that white envelope out, and the straw and your ID card.

Thank you Joey, I’ll take it from here.

Joey and Katheena showed true Mettle, which is another term for Punkology. These terms are not meant to indicate nor involve the use of illicit materials. Here, in this part of the tale, these terms are intended to reveal the instinct of Leadership.

Perhaps, Leadership is not about a life full of saintly virtue; never having fallen to the depths of ugliness and despair we will soon witness, only to crawl back up out a shit hole with the aid of damned and damning tools.

Maybe, true Leadership is finding out that whatever the situation, you may find it in yourself to rise above your awful condition, and persevere in the hopes of improving your lot.

It may be that your intentions are to rise above your hell hole.

The stones of all good intention line the portal to Hell.

There is the ID, The Ego, and the Superego.

Unfortunately, we played the ID Card.

Care to follow?


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God Help You.

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---willies out.

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