Sunday, October 30, 2011



Minacca was Two-Faced. But not for evil. She wanted to protect Sean from We the Punks.

She thought that we were the evil ones.

Wait, what?

She thought:



The Evil Ones.


You see, Sean was indeed with Tellesco.

But, they were upstairs in that mansion of hers.

That guest room is to where she ran, straggling her silky dress over her front side, leaving those who looked after her as she ran down the hallway with the lovely sight of long, naked legs in high heels, a firm yet full and jiggly rear-end, and a thread of a thong peeking out, winking here and there, if one studied closely.

She disappeared.

Poor baby. Jeez.

Me? I was sitting against a pool-side table with my two best friends, and I did not even know this. My head was in my arms. Ever been that way? It’s not a good thing to be like that. You are unprotected and at the mercy of all others. It’d be best to not find yourself in such a state unless you have someone to watch over you.

Otherwise, you could end up with duct tape binding your wrists to your ankles, and wish that you could simply die instead of enduring an eternity of physical and mental pain in a lengthy amount of tortured time.

That would not be fun, do you think?

Do you think?

Thinkin’s fun, idn’t it?

Fortunately, I had the Lion Man and the Golden Crow lady with me.


I would later come to find out what had happened to me.

I would find out that some old guy in a dusty, preacher-style cowboy hat, (he who wore black shades with half of the lens on the right-side shot out by the bullet that entered through his eye-hole and killed him), well, he saved my life that night.

Then and there.

He was getting my heart going again when the Little Lion Man busted in and swung at him.

Why did Glinty McFlintlock save me?

What the hell was going on there, anyways?

Well, let’s delve deeper.

The monkey suits in their violet velvet robes began to converge on us while Joey used the straw to snatch a tiny mound of white and drop it onto the glass surface of the pool-side table.

He swept it into three lines with my ID card, and then he dusted the one closest to him into his head. He held out the straw to Katheena, and she followed suit.

When your airplane is losing compression, the oxygen masks will come down. You need to pull your own mask down over your nose before you try to assist others, lest you pass out before you can help anyone, including yourself.

What the airline attendants do not tell you is this: there is only twenty minutes of oxygen.

You have twenty minutes before the end.

It is because of a simple reason: Within twenty minutes, either the pilot will have recovered control of the aircraft, or the plane will have crashed.

No need to carry extra oxygen-releasing chemicals and their considerable weight beyond the amount needed for twenty minutes of life. Or death.

I thought you should know.

Katheena whispered into my ear. Her sweet, gin-laden breath entered my nostrils, and her perfume made me feel like I was waking up from a dream.

She said, “Will, you need to do this. Then we will stand up, and we will rule this planet like gods.”


I was warm and cozy in my cocoon. I did not want to wake up. Just let me hit the snooze button a few more times, cool?

But no. Katheena said one thing that made me wake the fuck up, and it always stuck with me...

...After I heard her say it, I slurred and I blurred, I got my shit together, and then I imbated.

Shit got real, son.

For another twenty minutes.

“Whoah!” I sounded like Keannu. “Dude!”

Joey sprang around and roared.

Katheena jumped up and flung her arms into the air, like wings.

Them crooked vultures backed off, and I had an instant revelation: I had been asleep.

I stashed my ID card and the contraband, and adjusted my tie.

Now it was my own time to exhibit my mettle.

Oh yeah.

Where the fuck was Glinty McFlintlock?

This was going to be some fun.

For twenty minutes.

God Help You.

God Help Us All.

---willies out

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