Sunday, October 23, 2011



We entered. Jeeves announced us. We had not expected to be put under the spotlight.

The huge ballroom on the left emitted a sort of tango song. Everyone looked at us and their jaws dropped.

Katheena threw her arms up, and then she grabbed Joey, and they went swirling into the dance floor like a duo of young devils who had practiced for eternity for this single moment.

They crashed though folks holding delicate and expensive crystal flutes of champagne and took the center of the court.

I was amazed. I wished I could dance like that. It’s never happened.

Folks stopped to watch them. Joey swung Katheena away and did a bit of soft shoe. Then he ran and grabbed her back into the center and they did some of that tango stuff. It looked almost like they were mad at each other. People clapped.

I felt a tap on my shoulder and turned around to see Minacca. “Sean’s not here. What are you doing here?”

I shrugged. “Watching my friends like I’ve never seen them before.” It was true. I had no idea that they could dance like that.

Minacca said, “You shouldn’t be here. It’d be best if you left right now.”

I nodded. “Best for who? Afraid I’ll embarrass you?”

Minacca rolled her eyes. “You have no idea what is going on here.”

I shook my head. “Just a bunch of rich old pigs giving each other hand jobs.”

She actually smiled. “You’re not far from the truth.”

Behind her I saw a familiar face pass by the open doorway to the hall beyond. He was wearing one and a half black lenses, cracked down the middle on the right one.

“Excuse me.” I ducked and weaved and made my way to the doorway. He was gone. But he had been there. Clear as a bright desert day.

Minacca caught up to me. “What is it?”

I turned and looked at her. “I just saw someone I need to ask a couple questions. He took some photos of a friend of mine. Do you know him? His name is Glinty McFlintlock.”

“That’s an odd name! I would have remembered a name like that. So, no. Sorry.”

“Well, he was even weirder than his name. There’s something about him… I dunno. But he took those photos at an abandoned shack out in the dunes, and… well, he has some answers I’d like to get from him.”

“Let’s go look for him then. He went this way, Will?”

I chust nodded. Minacca was helping me? Hah?

We reached the end of the crowded hall way and another hallway went from left to right. She said, “If we go left, it leads to the pool area. The other way leads to the entertainment area, and the kitchen beyond that. Which way?”

I had no idea.


Now, Katheena and Joey were enjoying themselves. But you know that when you are exerting yourself, your metabolism rate will rise. You will metabolize substances in your body at a much quicker rate.

Both a depressant, such as a third of a fifth of gin, as well as a line of a certain stimulant, well… these will course through your endocrine system and leave you in a state of----

We went towards the pool area. The hallway was quite long, with doors going off on every side, and when we got to the towel room, my heart raced. I looked over to Minacca, and saw that her face changed.

I saw two of them.

One good.

One evil.

Double vision.

I staggered against the towel rack, and fell.

The world began to spin. I had to hold onto something. I grabbed a towel from hanging over head, and pulled it close to my face for comfort.

In the back ground, I heard a scream.

My towel was silky. I looked up and saw Minacca there, almost naked. She had the loveliest bra and thong…

Indeed, I held her dress to my face.


Joey and Katheena stopped dancing, and they had the good sense to leave the center spot, as they began to feel the come down, the aftermath. They went to the doors of the outer hallway, to look for me.

This was going to end very badly.


Minacca grabbed her dress from me and ran off. She was embarrassed, almost naked in front of a large crowd, and she did not understand a simple thing, which was this:

Some young, angry, fucked up punks had infiltrated, and we had no way out.

I will never forget that feeling of being lost, alone, with no way out, and the failure to protect my two best friends from the hell of such shit.

I had failed.


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