Sunday, October 16, 2011




“Katheena, once we start down this path, there is no turning back. Are you sure that you want to do this?”

“Will, it’s about time that I joined you guys in this shit that you do.”

“Yeah, but we have done some very bad things.”

“I know. You’ve told me. So here, I will follow you. Enough said.”

“Huh. Well, cool. Chust remember this; we are all in this together, no turning back. No bail.”

She leaned over and slipped me her tongue.

Dayam. Chick was showing her mettle.

Gobless her.


She drove her golden car with the gold-tinted windows and the giant black bird across its hood down the looooooong, tree-lined lane.

Joey said, “Are we there yet?”

Indeed, as we crept along, the road ahead stretched off into the night sky, where Plutonian shores awaited us. Pluto has a moon called Charon, and it is the farthest moon from our sun that can reflect its angry light.

The crown of a lovely, old mansion peaked over a grass-covered dune ahead, and then the palace grew upwards into the night sky.

“Oh. My goodness, Will. What the fuck?”

“I know. Minacca has money. Told you.”

Joey whistled. “Dude. They have a wine cellar?”

That was not appropriate.

“OK Katheena, now don’t forget. You need to continue on to the land keeper’s building straight ahead. The car garages are on the other side of this place. There is a huge fountain sitting there in the middle of the circular part, but ignore it. Chust drive straight past it.”

“OK. Thanks for the second by second updates, Will.”

I smiled. “Sorry. The gin is kicking in.”

She giggled. “Yup. Me too.”

The fountain appeared, and we saw that there were limousines parked all around it. Other cars of various, expensive design and purchase were arraigned on the far side of the circle, in a lot.

A cloud of smoke arose from where those were parked. Chauffeurs gathered there to gossip about their bosses and smoke cigarettes.

Katheena said, “Oh. Fuck.”

I said, “Katheena, just keep going, don’t stop, don’t speed up. Do Not Panic.”

Joey said, “There is a partay going on!” Joey was fully into the gin buzz now.

We should have done a three-point turn. But we didn’t.

Ya know.

We slid quietly by the large circle, and I could see the faces of those men in their driving suits and caps. Most of them held ciggies in their hands, and one was handing a silver flask to another. They were too busy gossiping to notice such a long, golden car on the other end of the driveway, where no overhead streetlamps would make it glint and sparkle.

We were stealthy.

Katheena reached the structure, and then she slowly crept her car to the right, and then reversed to back it in on the other side, in the dark.

We had made it.

But what the hell was going on this night? We will find out, my friend.

“Will. How do we get in?”

“Weeeee-illllll! We will walk in through the front doors like we own that fucking place! Like a fucking boss.”

“No, Joseph. There’s a servant’s entrance. There’s a stair well that leads up to the third floor.”

“Will, how did you enter this place when you came here that day?”

“Well, Katheena, I went in through the front doors.”

“And from where did you exit?”

“Uh, from the front doors.”

“So, did you get a good look at the rest of the layout of this fucking huge place while you were inside?”

“Uh, nope.”

“Will, do you think that they might have security alarms and that kind of shit?”

“Yeah, prolly. Damn.”

Little Lion Man had nailed it.

We would have to go in through the front doors. And then, try to get back out through them again, or else risk getting lost in that maze.

Joey shlurred when he shpoke. “Lesh go!”


Wait a minute.

Just wait a minute.





We would need twenty minutes to get in and get out.

I had something.

In case it was needed.


It would become our savior, our saint, and our bane.

There would be only it.

Katheena, I apologize for what I showed you. I never intended to introduce you to a high, white mountain of elation and instant power, which held valleys of shadow and destruction below it, on every side.

That was not my intention for you.

I chust was not thinking.

I chust wasn't...


The road to perdition is paved with the stones of good intentions.

The way back up out of Hell is found with Redemption.

I wish I could redeem.

Too Late.



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