Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Winter Classic

So ? New layout , Do you love it or hate it ??

Im trying to get tickets to the Winter Classic this year so if anyone has a connection that will help me in doing that , please feel free to email . The link is on the side over here . Anyways here is a sneak peek at this years jerseys when my Rangers take apart those dirty Flyers .

Personally, I liked those ugly psycho Halloween striped ones better. But I’m sure that I’m the only one. These are a little less ugly and a little more traditional, but to me it’s missing that certain nonsensical craziness of the other ones. I guess it doesn’t really matter since the Flyers and the Rangers know you’re all gonna buy them anyway. What do you think?

Here we go ....

Nude Gamer Girls
| Pictures of Naked Nerdy Girls Only Wearing Gaming Gear

Sesame Street YouTube Channel Hacked With Porn

Susan Sarandon: Pope Benedict XVI a Nazi . She has no business insulting and offending the sacred icons of our world.......That's MY job.

Guy Fieri is weirded out by gays.....That probably goes both ways.

SHITS GETTING SERIOUS !!!! Demand for strip-search at World Scrabble Championship

101 Uses For My Ex-Wife's Wedding Dress.

Music Break Time ....

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