Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Hard Hitting News

The Full Sandusky Interview

NBC ROCK CENTER COMING WITH THE HEAT! I guess all that advertising was for a reason. If you watch this interview in its entirety it’s impossible to walk away not thinking Jerry Sandusky raped the hell out of a lot of innocent children. I try to stay objective when listening to interviews like this and see it from the perspective of a judge in a courtroom, but to me this dude gave himself up with all his stammering and stuttering over the question “are you sexually attracted to young boys?” People who don’t like to fondle and fuck children don’t hesitate on this question. Jerry likes little boys and did some twisted and perverse stuff to a bunch of poor kids getting assistance from his charity. He will deservedly die in prison.

Here we go ......

Supernatural Deaths: List of People Who Died Due to Occult Beliefs

Timberlake actually went to the Marine Corps Ball

Put warning labels on skinny models!

Nicolas Cage will only eat the flesh of animals that mate in a "dignified" way....Yeah , He Nuts !!

State Senate overrides Quinn's veto to allow harvesting of roadkill

Burglar breaks into house; puts up Christmas decorations

24 Things Other Countries Suspect About Life in America

The Greatest Overreaction on YouTube
Since The Double Rainbow Guy
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