Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Hide the RAZORS !!

Must suck to be this guy today !!

If he’s telling the truth, he’s definitely kicking himself right now. A Connecticut man claims he bought the winning $254 million Powerball lottery ticket with all six winning numbers — 12, 14, 34, 39, 46, and 36 — and lost it. The man, whose name has not been released but is said to work as a sanitation worker, says he bought the ticket at Belltown Superette in Stamford. The store’s owner Suni Patel told reporters the man came back to her store claiming she had sold him the winning ticket but he had lost it. The lottery was held back in September and officials confirm the winning ticket was sold in Fairfield County. According to ABC News the man must produce the ticket or some sort of proof that he actually bought it in order to get the money. If he’s not the winner, it’s possible that the winner doesn’t even know they won, as tens of thousands of Connecticut homes have been with out power for a week, due to the snowstorm just before Halloween.

If this is true, somebody better remove all belts, shoelaces and sharp objects from this garbage man’s life. Because there is absolutely only one course of action after you lose $254 million and thats suicide. Its your only choice right? There’s just no way you can go on living life knowing that you accidentally misplaced a quarter of a billion dollars.

I had bought one of those Living Social/Groupon things a while ago and I forgot about and I just saw the other day it expired. It was like $40 for some dinner at an Italian place and 6 months went by and its no longer valid. I was fucking furious. Just dicked around for 6 months and never cashed in. Imagine if that was a Living Social deal for 254 million bucks? Sorry you lost your ticket and your 6 months is up, no 254 million for you. I’d instantly kill myself. No note. No goodbyes. Just straight suicide as quick as humanly possible.

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