Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Kim K is a GENIUS

I love how everyone hates Kim Kardashian’s guts and bashes her every chance they get calling her a dumb bitch and an idiot piece of shit with no talent. Ummm newsflash Kim Kardashian just made $17.9 million dollars for a fake wedding. Pretty much the greatest get-richer-than-I-already-am-quick scheme I’ve ever seen in my life. Like she found an NBA player, married him, watched $17.9 million go into her bank account, stuck it out 2 months, then divorced him. Boom she’s single. Tell me you wouldn’t do the same exact thing? I mean I would marry literally anybody on the planet for two months for $17.9 million dollars. Anybody. Name anybody. I’d fuck them every night too. I’d go all out marriage not even fake marriage. I mean I can understand chicks who hate Kim K out of spite and jealousy. But I just don’t get why any TDC guy would hate on her? For what reason? Doing the exact same thing we preach around here on a daily basis? Snaking it til you make it to the extreme. Trying to skate by in life doing as little as possible. Thinking of ways to jump in front of cabs or city buses to catch a fat check and retire. And here’s a chick who has absolutely mastered it and with no talent whatsoever. Nothing but big tits and a famously huge ass. Making millions upon millions of dollars for literally just standing there looking hot. For getting fake married and cashing in on the stupid ass media and magazines who want to give her money for doing nothing. You don’t have to like it but you gotta respect it.

This guy got it BADDD !!

Check out Twitter's: ThingsLongerThanKimsMarriage

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