Friday, November 11, 2011

My Penn State Thoughts

Ok , Im going to weigh in on the whole Penn State thing since I have been avoiding it like the plague and I would also like to hear from ALL of you in the forums today as I will be setting up a thread so you guys can voice your own opinions . It is shaping up to be quite the debate .

This was the right decision. It was the only decision. Unfortunately for Joe Paterno his decision not to resign immediately when this scandal broke will serve as the final act in totally and completely destroying his legacy and rightfully so. Because his statement about how“with the benefit of hindsight I wish I did more” was not nearly enough. If Joe Paterno is the man that so many people claim he is than this is what his statement needed to say…

With the benefit of hindsight I wish I did more. However that does not excuse me from my lack of action. While legally I met the minimum standards required, morally I let myself and all of Penn State down. I didn’t do what needed to be done and what I have taught others to do. There is nobody to blame but myself for my lack of action. There won’t be a day that goes by that I don’t hold myself responsible for what happened to the victims. I selfishly put the goals and interests of Penn State football ahead of everything else. For that I’m truly sorry and must resign from my position immediately. Because my lack of leadership in this situation makes it impossible for me to continue to lead in the future. I love Penn State more than anything and it is in the best interest of the school that I step aside so the healing process can begin.

This is what should have been said. This is what somebody who truly appreciates the gravity of this situation would have done. Instead Paterno tried to still retire on his terms and protect his legacy. He forced the Board of Trustees to make a decision they never should have been forced to make. It was as selfish as it gets. Now the school will have to deal with what is sure to be negative student reaction and riots. All because Joe couldn’t admit he fucked up. It never should have come to this. JoePa was never going to be allowed to coach again. He couldn’t. Not with what we know now . What Joe Paterno never seemed to get with this thing is that it was bigger than him. It was bigger than Penn State football. It was bigger than his legacy. He just couldn’t comprehend that. It’s about cleaning the slate and starting over. It’s about putting the victims ahead of everybody else. That couldn’t happen till he was gone.

It was the only way. Child rape scandals are bigger than any football coach’s legacy.

As far as the Students go , So there are lots of these videos floating around on youtube this morning. Diddler U students taking to the streets last night in protest. The only issue is I don’t know what they are protesting/rioting/celebrating about? It seems like they are in support of JoePa I guess? Showing school pride I guess? Just kind of weird. Like I get that college kids will literally use any excuse possible to riot, but this one is strange. “Like hey our coaching staff is accused of diddling little boys and nobody did anything about it! Let’s party! We Are Penn State! We are Penn State!” I don’t know. It just doesn’t seem like this is the time or place to seemingly be bragging about how awesome Penn State is and chanting Joe Paterno’s name. I mean if I didn’t know any better I’d think Diddler U just won the National Championship not that their legendary defensive coordinator moleted 9,000 kids in the football showers and it was swept under the rug. Ah whatever…“We are Penn State! We are Penn State! Bring on Nebraska!”


Apparently a radio show this morning had a bombshell interview this morning with this guy Mark Madden who basically predicted everything that was going to happen with Penn State 6 months before it happened. Now he is alleging that not only did Jerry Sandusky diddle little boys in the Penn State showers, but he actually ran a pedophile bunny ranch out of the football offices. Yup just pimping little kids out to rich alumni. That Penn State covered the entire thing up and that’s why they forced him to retire at the age of 55. Combine this the NY Times story about the Pennsylvania District Attorney who was mysteriously murdered and had his laptop wiped clean and you can’t help but start to connect the dots. I mean imagine if all this shit is related and true? That Penn State murdered the DA to keep him quiet and save JoePa and the billions of dollars his football program generated in tact? Yeah I know it’s pure insanity, but in light of the last 48 hours is it anything that far fetched anymore? Like at this point I find this conspiracy theory 100% believable. And that my friends may be the most shocking part of it all.

Sweet Fucking Jesus !! It cant get any worse !!

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