Monday, November 28, 2011

NBA ends the lockout and I couldnt care less

NEW YORKNBA owners and players reached a tentative agreement early Saturday to end the 149-day lockout and hope to begin the delayed season on Christmas Day. Neither side provided many specifics but said the only words players and fans wanted to hear. ”We want to play basketball,” NBA commissioner David Stern said. After a secret meeting earlier this week, the sides met for more than 15 hours Friday, working to try to save the season. This handshake deal, however, still must be ratified by both owners and players. Stern said it was “subject to a variety of approvals and very complex machinations, but we’re optimistic that will all come to pass and that the NBA season will begin Dec. 25.” Barring a change in scheduling, the 2011-12 season will open with the Boston Celtics at New York Knicks, followed by Miami at Dallas in an NBA finals rematch before MVP Derrick Rose and Chicago close the tripleheader against Kobe Bryant and the Lakers. The league plans a 66-game season and aims to open training camps Dec. 9. Stern has said it would take about 30 days from an agreement to playing the first game.

First let me just say that I’m not confident this is a done deal. Sure they have a handshake agreement but if you don’t think there’s a chance that the players go back on it then you’re nuts. I can just see KG busting through the doors right before the deal is signed and slicing Stern’s throat with a katana. Anything is possible. When I first heard about the lockout I hoped it never came back. Ever. I was tired of 7 of the plays on Top 10 being alley oops that looked the exact same, save for the color of the jerseys. But then when I started fake-following the lockout, because SportsCenter gave me no choice and shoved it down my throat even when there was absolutely nothing to report, I realized I hated more than just the game.

I hated the owners – Never has this world seen people so willingly admit they’re awful at their jobs. Crying from their mansion windows that they had lost millions of dollars this year and they demanded compensation. As if buying a professional sports franchise was never a risk. They were like the big banks getting their bailouts only on ESPN.

I hated the player’s association – Showing up for meetings that will determine your future in hoodies and hipster glasses? And you wonder why the owners had to implement a dress code for you a few years ago. I’m not going to be on the cover of GQ any time soon but I know when it’s time to look a bit fancy and try your best. Day 130 of a lockout is one of those times.

I hated the players who took to Twitter – Everyone acted like it wasn’t their fault and there was nothing they could do. They made threats about forming their own league. Just like the owners they sobbed from poolside at their beachfront property, expecting everyone to feel bad for them. Never once mentioning the vendors, security, sound guys, electricians, trainers, or anyone else who was truly having their livelihood ruined by this lockout.

And mostly I hated all the talking heads – Particularly any one who thinks like Bryant Gumbel, and I’m sure there were tons of them I missed. Just because the players are a majority black and the owners mostly white gives no one the right to compare it to fucking SLAVERY. It actually infuriates me. The NBA players are slaves? Because they’re paid millions of dollars to play a game every few nights? How anyone could be so incredibly ignorant is beyond me. Frederick Douglas would roll in his grave if he heard that shit.

There isnt one player I can get behind to make me change my mind on this .

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