Tuesday, November 29, 2011

This one is gonna piss you off

I GUARANTEE after watching this short video your gonna be pissed . With jobs at a minimum and unemployment at an all time high you have to scratch your head after watching this ?

I know what your thinking " Typical and expected " ...YES ! But I cant accept the fact that this is just what people in this position do and are expected to act like . We are living in a society here people , try to adapt !

Here we go ....

Unsolved Hollywood Murders: List of True LA Murder Mysteries

Ginger White Claims 13-Year Affair With Herman Cain

Kris's fury after he walks in on wife Kim Kardashian's yoga session... with NUDE male instructor

"This is not pornography!" say nude online protesters

Gun Club invites children to pose with Santa... and a fire arm ... and then to eat some yummy venison sausage. Hey, anybody seen Rudolph?

The Fifty Dumbest Quotes In Sports History . Surprise, surprise... Athletes often say retarded things.

A Photo Tribute To Big Boobs With Little Stickers . This makes for a much nicer gallery than little boobs with big stickers.

The Very Best Of The Scumbag Alcohol Meme ..Alcohol is a hell of an asshole drug.

The Amazing Humping Reindeer Sweater Is Back!
I actually own one of these and it's wonderfully subtle enough to wear around kids and awesomely offensive to upset your grandmother when she notices. Seriously, it's the best Christmas sweater ever.

Welcome To Perez Hamilton.com - Everyone's favorite offensive historical gossip monger and crude dick drawer.

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