Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Ummmmm ....Huh ?

Im fucking speechless .

There isnt anything or anywhere to go after watching this because it's speaks so perfectly for itself . Some people need to bury their cameras in the backyard because nowadays with the cameras being so easy to upload videos to Youtube that everyone thinks they are going to be a star . Well this dope is DEAD wrong !!

Go to the window , Open it and throw your camera and far as you can and never leave the house again ....Your embarrassing America !!

Here you go , Watch the HORROR :

And then this slob gets a little Hip Hop :

Find the maker and brand of your camera , And punch him directly in the face for allowing things like this for happening !!!

Ohhh and why do you think the girl in the second video even bothered getting her tongue pierced ...what a waste of hot chick jewelery !

Here we go .....

Celebrating the birthplace of the Internet in pictures

Prostitution sting: Woman arrested after massaging undercover deputy for over 30-minutes

Cy Young winner Justin Verlander of Detroit Tigers also wins AL MVP

Fan bites Britney Spears during stage performance

Katy Perry won the American Music Award for Best Tits

Blake Lively Sports See-Through Dress
At Gossip Girl 100th Episode Party (nothing really good visible)

Fort Worth Man Gets 80 Years For Buying A Hot Dog With Fake Money

Arthur Davis Brown, Speeding Down Highway, to 911: No, My Wife's Not in the Car, She's ON the Car

"Switzerland’s Supreme Court dealt a fierce blow to naked hikers"

Music Break .....

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