Wednesday, December 14, 2011

3rd place SUCKS !!!

After a five-year winning streak, parents are claiming that one youth football team’s loss in this year’s semi-finals resulted in coaches burning the players’ trophies and yelling obscenities in front of the team during a year-end party. According to multiple sources, coaches of the New Canaan Youth Football 8th Grade Black team took part in the incident after the team came in third place in their division. According to a parent and one of the players, who spoke to the Advertiser on condition of anonymity, the children had just been given their third place trophies at an end-of-the-year party on Wahackme Road on Saturday, November 19, when Coach Rod Fox told the children to walk over to Irwin Park to “do Indian runs.” Once there, they said, the children were asked to throw their trophies into a pile, at which point Fox and coaches Jay Pirrone and David Jahns allegedly poured gasoline over the trophies, yelling an obscenity. “Clearly, this is wholly inappropriate conduct and frankly should never happen again,” Williams told the Advertiser. “Having said that, I think the individuals involved understood they made a mistake. My understanding is that they will be appropriately disciplined by their league.”

Rewarding mediocrity. Its this countries downfall. Its the pussification Pres is always talking about it. Its the generation of entitled dicks Adam Carolla was talking about. You keep giving kids shiny trophies for third place and ribbons for 10th place and they start to think that 3rd place and 10th place is awesome. Guess what kids? 3rd place sucks. 10th place you should just kill yourself. They’re content being mediocre because they keep getting presents for it. Until all the sudden they’re all grown up like the Occupiers and nobody is rewarding them with prizes and honors anymore for their insignificant lives. You guys are coming in last place in life and this time instead of a trophy you’re getting tear gas to the face.

Coach Rod Fox is just trying to breed a team of winners. A team of kids who won’t settle. Hey kids the pile of ashes right there is worth just as much as a trophy that says 3rd place on it.

PS – “Rod Fox” is the best goddam football coach name I’ve ever heard. If I ever write a football book or movie the coach is 200% gonna be named Rod Fox

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