Friday, December 23, 2011

Best ......Video ...EVER !!!

Ok this definitely is the funniest video of the year . I watched about 20 times and fucking HOWL with laughter everytime I watch it . I know what your gonna say " Ohh its another Cinnamon challenge video ! " .....Well guess what , It's the best one I have ever seen and its hilarious !

See ? I am fucking laughing my ass of right now !!

Here we go .....

Rats Overrun Manhattan Post Office, Pests Even Eating Packages

Blair Witch Actress Heather Donahue Quit Acting to Grow Pot

Creepy Christmas Carols: List of the Worst Songs About Christmas

Susan Boyle = Jack Black

Drunken Santas Terrorized Lower Manhattan

What could go wrong? German scientists growing skin from baby foreskins

We're Approaching That (Brief) Time of Year When Christmas Searches Eclipse Porn

Top ten worst Christmas movies

Pulgasari, Kim Jong Il's monster movie in full, with subtitles.

Selena Gomez Wearing A Tennis Outfit Bouncing Her Boobies . Don't worry, she's eighteen here. I think. I hope.

A Photographic Tribute To The Thong . The greatest of all the undergarment inventions.

I'll put up a Xmas column sometimes this weekend !!
Welcome to The NEW Daily Column!!