Monday, December 12, 2011

Burn Those Bras

Have I mentioned how much I hate the NY Giants on this blog yet ? I dont remember ? ...Hahahahaha

Have You heard About Hollaback Yet ??

First of all who is Emily May kidding? Trying to act like she’s speaking from experience here. Let’s call a spade a spade. No chance she’s ever been street harassed before in her life. That’s probably the real motivation here. If people won’t street harass her and make her feel good about herself than nobody can be street harassed. But that’s not even the point of this blog. Instead I’d like to offer Hollaback a little advice. They need to separate out the different types of street harassment. Like you can’t be lumping in guys who say “Hay, mami! You lookin’ good!” with guys who whip their dicks out on the subway and beat off to chicks. It’s not even close to the same thing and it just makes you look like some crazy ass nutbag when you do that. Take all the pictures you want of masturbators and shit. Hell I’ll take the picture for you. But to criminalize a construction worker for whistling at a hot piece of ass as she strolls by is crazytown. That ain’t harassment. That’s a compliment. That’s adam and eve type shit. That’s the problem with feminists in general. They don’t know when to call it quits. Nobody wants chicks getting groped and shit. But what’s next? Going after guys who do the look back to check out a girls ass when they walk by? Like if that makes me a street harasser than motherfucker I’m a street harasser and proud of it.

Talk about a cry for attention. Oh boo hoo, men find me attractive. Give me a fucking break, repeal the 19th amendment now.

Ill Await your hate mail !!

Here We go .....

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