Tuesday, December 6, 2011

Cmon ..SERIOUSLY ????

This is my worst fucking nightmare !!

This is the world’s largest insect. The giant weta is a cricket-like creature with a wingspan of close to seven inches. The one in the picture (full image below), isn’t just the largest weta, it’s the world’s largest insect ever photographed. Moffett, who said the creature weighed about as much as three mice, quickly let go after the photos were taken.

Some people hate heights , some hate snakes ....I HATE BUGS ..All kinds of bugs and this bug is my worst fear come true . If I ever came face to face with that thing I would have to instantly kill myself. No question about it. At least he appears to be a vegetarian or we would all be fucked. Nonetheless, good to know I’ll be imagining I can feel this thing crawling on me for the next three months.

Sweet Shit , I hate even looking at this god damn picture !!

Here we go ......

See if you thinks that fucking thing above is bad , take a look at some more disgusting bug stuff :

Kepler 22-b: Earth-like planet confirmed
This is exciting because this planet is TRULY similar to Earth. It's about 15% closer to its star, but its star is 25% weaker than ours. It has a 290 day year, and an average temperature of 71 degrees. The only significant difference from Earth is that Kepler 22-b is 2.4 times larger, but that's quite similar in cosmic terms.

It is "only" about 600 light-years away.

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Sports Hotties Who Should Have Their Own Reality Shows .If by "reality show" you mean "homemade sex tape" then yes.

Introducing The Shittiest Ketchup Robot Ever
- Which is pretty shitty considering it's the only ketchup robot.

Seven Nintendo Products You Never Knew Existed

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