Wednesday, December 7, 2011

Country Music ...Maybe ?

I want to know why Country Music appeals to people. I try to be accepting to all forms of music for the most part, but all country music sounds the same to me, and the sound is annoying, in my opinion.

BUT ......

There are certain songs that sometimes kinda make me rethink my hatred of Country Music and this song is one of them . Country Music should promote their music as a party all the time and not all these mushy retarded love songs .....THIS IS WHAT COUNTRY MUSIC SHOULD BE ABOUT :

Lets all sit back , Grab a cup of beer and relax now ~~!

Here we go ......

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PhD thesis of the week: The history of Lindsay Lohan's wardrobe malfunctions.


All-Meat Nativity Scene - If they had bacon to represent the body of Christ at communion instead of crackers, I bet church attendance would skyrocket.

Sinister Images Of Public Execution In The Wild West ....How's it hanging there fellas?

This Is A Gif Of Caroline Wozniacki Shaking Her Ass ...You're welcome.

Shelf Elf Is Going To Kill You - You'll never look at your Christmas decorations the same again.

See Ya Peeps !
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