Monday, December 5, 2011

Here we go for the week

Before I start todays column I just want to give Willies the old pat on the back for doing a bang up job on the weekends , He really delivers each and every week .

Hoot , Well not so much lately .

Ok , Now onto the column ....

Ok , Now this might be the best ...and worst video I have ever posted on here . The Girl in the middle is just STRAIGHT KILLING the whole class with her moves . She is so far above all the rest of these dummies that they cant even see her . She is doing things you or I cant even begin to understand .

Dont try to hold her back , She CANT be stopped !!

SEE ??? What the fuck did I tell you ?!

Ok , Here we go .....

Find His - This service will allow women to find all of the porn on her man's computer, but it seems to me the best use would be to find that awesome folder of utterly demented shit you hid so deep that you can't remember where it is anymore.

Read the first drafts of the Star Trek opening monologue

The Miami Marlins have signed Jose Reyes for six years

44 years after her immortal ‘Gilligan’s Island’ role, Dawn Wells (Mary Ann) wears it well

Venus Williams almost had a wardrobe malfunction in Italy

Former Miss Congeniality is no longer so fuckin' congenial

"Woolly mammoth to be brought back to life
from cloned bone marrow 'within five years'"

The Obligatory Collection Of Kids Crying On Santa's Lap . This is always a must-link gallery around this time of year.

Music Break .....

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