Thursday, December 8, 2011

Hoot's Thursday Things

As most of you know I have my own network marketing business. I am not plugging the business here to try and get you to join, although if you are interested get in touch with me. I am bringing up my business because with Christmas right around the corner I wanted to let all of you know about some Christmas gift ideas that have value instead of just being like most gifts, that in the long run really have no value.

You can see the different gold and silver coins as well as some other great gifts such as forever crystals that you can have custom engraved at my Numis storefront. Go take a look and give a gift that will increase it's value over time.

Have you ever been stuck without a spotter or even someone to drive the boat when you want to go water skiing? Get one of these!!!

Here is the website with more info about this very cool high tech toy. Solo the personal ski machine.

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