Saturday, December 31, 2011

New Year's Rez-olution: Go Forth Into That Good Night

Happy Hew Year's Heave

Time to hew that which is overgrown, and make a clean path for yourself and those whom depend upon you. We all have it within us to exercise a rebirth.

Many folks will make an attempt to fulfill New Year’s Resolutions that they have constructed with the best of intentions to improve themselves, their lot in life.

Sadly, most of them will fail.

Others simply say that it is inevitable, so why bother in the first place?

Well, that’s a defeatist mentality. Why the hell not take a stab? It’s the classic fight between Will Power, and Free Will.

Think about it.

Will Power gets you moving. It can also stop you from doing stupid shit that might make you feel good at the time, but you will regret in the morning. Tonight, Will Power will take a back seat for many of you. Me included.

Free Will invites procrastination. You have the right to decide not to do something that:

1. Hurts

2. Is difficult

3. Makes you get up off the couch watching Jersey Shore or someshit and do something good for yourself like working out, buying club clothing and getting a fake tan,


You decide to wait until tomorrow.

Fuck you Mr. Tomorrow. I have Free Will.

I'll take a rain check.

Well, how do you cash a rain check, anyway? At the cloud bank?

This is your last day for enjoyment before the Rez-olution.

Then, all of the bad things you have done in the previous year will be resolved, forgiven, absolved, forgotten, and done.

Do not look to the past. No regrets.


Look to the future.

Here is a tune that deserves a revisit from the Daily Column.

OK, go to the links below. Look away from the following. Have fun tonight! You should have some good stories to tell us in the Mighty TDC Forums for us to share.

No harsh on you here.

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How much effort you put into something will greatly affect your return from it.

It depends upon the price you pay, the cost of it to you, and the value within it that makes you do such a thing. Inherent value.

The difference between a price you pay and the cost of it to you is simple economics:

A Price is a set standard: anyone who wants a thing will fork over the money for this item; the price is printed on the tag.

But the Cost of it to you is the impact upon you for handing over something you may not have much of, and so it costs less if you are rich instead of poor.

"Cost" means how much it hurts, even if you don't quite appreciate the Value, just yet.

When you finally discover the true value of what it means to reach your goal, then the price is nothing and the cost of it to you is an investment with a great return.

You turn your blood, sweat and tears into a fine wine.


Here’s a link to the 11 Points site, owned and written by the hilarious Sam Greenspan. Here, he talks about his experience with last year’s resolutions.

Scientists in Samoa have discovered time travel! The whole country traveled forward exactly one day into the future. They missed Friday. And we will miss you, Samoans. Now you will always one day ahead of the rest of us, in the future. All we will see are your tracks in the sand.

Speaking of New Years, how about new calendars that never have to be changed? The date will always land upon the same day of the week each year. Huh.

On the same topic, here is a short video on why new Year’s Day falls on January 1st.

Love me some Radiohead, but this is fucking funny.

Here are some nsfw videos from Billy Jack’s channel at Live Leak.

Weird, in a sad sort of way. But funny.

Louis Katz. Hippie Room Mate

Oldie but goodie, Jim Gaffigan does his bit on Jeebus.

For your Saturday Morning leisure, an enchanting short film (25 mins) about a kid who meets a magical old lady. Grab a beverage and sit back.

In another direction, nsfw office humor, caught on tape, and animated. It’s fucking gross, but funny. No. 5 of the Nerd Alert series by Eric Shanks.

Nerd Alert: Episode 5 from Eric B. Shanks on Vimeo.

On that note, be safe tonight, and have fun, however you ring in the New Year. Lie on your side when you go to bed. If your bed is a water drainage ditch or a club bathroom, protect your back side from butt vampires by stuffing your undies with garlic before you go out.

Happy New Year's Eve!

God Help You.

God Help Us All.

---willies out.

OK, Couple More For You.

Tate Shot channel on YouTube. Short interviews with awesome people.

Here’s the one about Maurice Sendak. He wrote and illustrated “Where The Wild Things Are.” Why no sequel book to Wild Things? Because he is not a whore. He says it. BAMFB. (Bad Ass Mutha Fucka Boss. I said that.)

Tate Shot Channel itself.


Something sad bust inspiring that has gone viral. Ben Breedlove, who died this last Christmas. Maybe this will help you with your New Years Resolution.

Parts 1 and 2

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