Friday, December 30, 2011

Snatch : The Beer

Case of beer: 30 bucks. My weekly salary when I was into my partying days : 30 bucks. So yeah this bitch who can shove a 30 rack up her twat and stroll out of the joint like it ain’t no thang can come to the supermarket with me any day of the week. It’s called being frugal.

Here we go ....

A Photographic Tribute To New Year's Eve Cleavage.....It's the most wonderful time of the year for real now.

Laws Of The Modern Man, The Website

Everything you ever wanted to know about being a modern manly man, but were too afraid of looking like a pussy to ask.

President Richard Nixon was a mobbed-up drunk who beat the First Lady and may have had a decades-long gay affair

A 99-year-old divorced his wife of 77 years after he discovered she had an affair in the 1940s

Chinese man spends $16,000 on sword for virtual martial arts game

Elle Macpherson at age 47. Still "the body"

Congratulations On Your Big Hooters

This is not a joke: There Will Be No Friday This Week In Samoa

5 Reasons Your New Year's Resolution Is Going to Fail

Face of Jesus miraculously appears on a sock

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