Friday, December 16, 2011

This is why Hockey RULES !!

My question is did he shit in the glove while the other guy watched or did he sneaky shit in it when he wasn’t looking so the dude stuffed his hand in it and got a poopy surprise? If he shit on it while he watched that’s a big time power move. If he sneaky shit in it that’s kind of a low blow right? You got to settle that shit on the ice not with sneak poop attacks. Either way it looks like we can change the amount of Asian hockey players in the world from 1 to 0.

PS – It’s a known fact hockey players and wrestlers are the most fucked up athletes on the planet. How many times a year do you think people shit in each other’s gloves as a joke? I bet it happens a couple times a year. More importantly if you’re like me all this shit talk has me craving the George Brett video so here it is.

Here we go ......

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Library Of A Madman: Invisibility And Levitation
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The 13 Most Disgusting Hidden Ingredients In Your Food

I have a relative who works at a Slim Jim factory. He once started to tell me what was actually in them, but I would have none of it. Ignorance is bliss, my friends. Ignorance is bliss.

Tom Araya - There are only about a million uses a day for a button that produces an instant blood-curdling metal scream as performed by the Slayer vocalist.

Beer And Tits
......Two of my favorite things.

Kinsey Elizabeth (NSFW) - She's a fake redhead. I can tell by her pubes and having seen quite a few fake redheads in my time.

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