Tuesday, December 27, 2011

Wow !

Somethings are funny and some things are so offensive you cant help but laugh ....This is one of those times !!

Im giving this guy the award for the most offensive shirt EVER , Hands down !!

This is a classic case of " What the fuck are you thinking ? "

Here we go .....

Woman said she called 911 because she ‘ate too much food'

D'oh! Stunned couple unearth 800-year-old stone head in their garden... and it looks like HOMER SIMPSON

Where Aren’t They Now? 11 Overlooked Deaths of 2011

Woman accused of punching Walmart greeter

Studies say that 10% of people under the age of 25 text during sex. These are those texts.

Questionable Advice & Advertisements, The Website
- Maxims, Advice & Cautions in all matters; or, Guidance for the Confused Masses.

Did You See Jerome Simpson's Touchdown Flip This Weekend..Simply put, fucking awesome.

A Gallery Of Random Artsy Hot Chicks - The greatest pick-up line of all is to tell them you're an "artist" and you want them to model for you.

A Photographic Tribute To Rappers Doing Normal Shit . Rappers, they're just like us. Every now and then.

The Most Depressing Christmas Tweets - What can I say Clark. It's the holidays and we're all in misery.

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