Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Xmas shows rule !

Ok , the season is upon us and we are all going to start going to our kids Xmas shows . You know these shows where the kids work so hard to learn the songs and plays they do to make their parents proud and we sit there and laugh and clap like our kid is on American Idol , Some of you dopes actually think your kid has a good voice because you can hear it over the 26 other screaming kids up there ..... Uhhh Yeah !

Well this show right here will shit on your kids Xmas show and it's not even close !!

Now thats a show I'll sit through anyday of the week !

Here we go ......

Truth is weirder than fiction department: Steve Guttenberg receives Hollywood Walk of Fame star

And this story makes me think of :

APOD: more evidence of earlier life on Mars

Air Force looking for the ultimate massive bomb . Have they tried looking in Adam Sandler's filmography?

Fox News FAILs of 2011: List of Fox News Errors, Mistakes and Gaffes

The top 25 must-see movies of 2012

The Sexiest Obscure-Sport Cheerleader Squads.......That is all.

The 25 Awesomest Ugly Christmas Sweaters..What? No Pepper Spray Cop sweater? This is a travesty.

Felicia Taylor (NSFW)- She's going to get a splinter in a very uncomfortable place if she's not careful on that bench.

Hot Models Get Photobombed, Too..It's true. Here's the proof.

The Twenty Worst Album Covers Of 2011
. But it's art, man. It's art.

Music Break ....

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