Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Dream Team 92 or 2012 ??

A question for the ages as both teams have their strengths and weaknesses. Of course the ’12 isn’t finalized yet, so I’ll just have to make my own predictions as to who makes the cut. The ’92 team has the obvious size advantage, with Barkley, Ewing, Malone, and the Admiral while the ’12 team overall is probably faster and quicker.

PG – Magic Johnson / John Stockton vs. Chris Paul / Derrick Rose
Magic and Stockton are who I consider to be the two best point guards in the history of basketball. Magic could do it all and Stockton is the NBA all-time assists and steals leader. This one isn’t even close. Advantage — Dream Team ’92

SG – Michael Jordan / Clyde Drexler vs. Kobe Bryant / Dwyane Wade
Hate on me all you want but I’m going Dream Team ’12 here. Jordan may be the best player who ever lived, but the combination of him and Drexler just isn’t as strong as the combination of Kobe/Wade. It’s not. Clyde could glide, and maybe I’m just too young to give him the respect due, but he’s not better than Wade and he’s definitely not better than Kobe. Advantage — Dream Team ’12.

SF – Larry Bird / Scottie Pippen / Chris Mullen vs. LeBron James / Carmelo Anthony / Kevin Durant / Andre Iguodala

Remember that at this stage of his career Larry Legend could barely walk. Dude was having Asian ladies tapdance on his back and shit while the Celts flew from city to city — shit was bad. Shell of himself at this point. But even if he wasn’t, I’m still going Dream Team ’12 every day of the week. Bron Bron — as much as everybody hates him — will probably go down as the greatest SF that ever lived. Sorry if that hurts your feelings Bird fans but it is what it is. Melo is not as good as Scottie and can’t play D to save his godddamn life, but comparing KD and Mullen? C’mon. I love the buzzcut but KD’s length and skills are bonkers. And Iggy is there to fill Pippen’s defensive stopper role. Advantage — Dream Team ’12.

PF – Karl Malone / Charles Barkley / Christian Laettner vs. Chris Bosh / Blake Griffin
Hahahahahahahaha! Advantage — Dream Team ’92.

C – Patrick Ewing / David Robinson vs. Dwight Howard / Kevin Love
Please. I love Superman as much as the next guy who wishes he’ll sign with their team, but Ewing/Robinson was dirty. Smiley-ass Dwight has the highlights but Ewing’s jumper was wet. Kevin Love is great inside/outside but not on their level. Advantage — Dream Team ’92.

That’s it — original Dream Team wins. If Tim Duncan was still his old self (the real best power forward who ever lived, fuck outta here with that Malone talk) and if there was another legit American NBA center right now this might be closer, but you gotta give it to the greatest team there ever was.

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