Saturday, January 7, 2012

Dumb Smart Sexy Intrepid

"The founder of The Circuit Factory in Dubai placed this ad promoting exercise classes on the gym's facebook page, and then quickly took it down hours later, according to UAE's daily newspaper, The National.

Kiss your calories goodbye! (Alternate copyranter headlines: 1.3 million reasons to slim down inside! and Feel The Burn!)

The founder, Phil Parkinson, said, “The idea of the campaign isn’t to upset anybody. The way branding works is (listen closely to this expert) you want people talking about your business. We want them talking about us, but we don’t want people to take offence at it.

He added that he used the Auschwitz image because the classes are "like a calorie concentration camp."

---Story by copyranter.







Low budget Star Trek.

Gay actor dry-humped by female Price Is Right contestant, recorded from a TV by a cell phone.

All kinds of WIN!

From Tucky. Elective Surgery might not mean large boob implants?

Musical Enjoyment for you.

Eggs. Mmmmm

OK, One More For Ya.

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