Thursday, January 5, 2012

Hoot's Thursday Things

Best new site: Kim Jong Un Looking at Things

Man Allegedly Finds Mouse In Mountain Dew, Pepsi Says Impossible, The Dew Would've Dissolved Him Ummm yea great stuff for your stomach! The Dew that is!!

Spain’s Creepy Abandoned Doll Factory

U.K. Coast Guard Searches for Body, Finds E.T. Replica Instead

Airline pilot startled by flying shark

Not related in any way to the flying shark - World-first hybrid shark found off Australia

Yikes!!! This is the ferocious 'Ball Cutter' fish which has killed two men by biting off their testicles.

On-Air Blooper Prank of the Day

This is pretty crazy. The Night They (Almost) Bombed Old Dixie Down
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