Monday, January 23, 2012

Joe Pa is DEAD

Ok , First off ...Superbowl ...I could give two shits less .

Now onto Joe Paterno dying . This is a very touchy subject some guys are totally tooling on the old man and some people just feel bad for the old bastard .

Well , There are two sides of the fence on JoePa dying. You got people making fun of his death like me and then you got people calling me an insensitive asshole and defending the guy. Well here is my question for all the Joe Pa crybabies. If these Sandusky abuse allegations never came to the forefront (and to be honest I’m still not sure why they did) would Paterno have felt any guilt or remorse about sweeping the whole thing under the rug?

The answer is an unequivocal no.

Dude would still be alive and still be coaching at Penn State. He’d still have his legacy in tact and people would still be comparing him to Gandhi in Happy Valley. The only time he showed any remorse or guilt was after he got caught. And even then he seemed more concerned with his own well being than the victims. Giving speeches, holding pep rallies on his lawn and complaining about the way he was fired. It’s disgusting. That’s why I have no compassion or remorse for him. Joepa doesn’t feel bad about what he let happen to the victims. He feels bad he got caught. That’s why I say fuck him and those who defend him. He put protecting Penn State football and his legacy above protecting kids from a pedophile.

How can anybody defend that?

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