Monday, January 30, 2012

The Pro Bowl STINKS

If anyone watched the two All Star games on yesterday , You saw one pretty good one and one that was a disgrace to the sporting world .

The Good One - The NHL All Star weekend

The game was great even though I wasnt really crazy about the way they singled out two players and named the teams their teams instead of the Eastern Conference / Western Conference game . The Hitting obviously isnt the same and the game is more of a finesse game but the players make it entertaining and they really try .

The Bad One - The NFL Pro Bowl

This might have been the worst piece of garbage ever to be called sports in the entire world . The players were hardly weren't even trying and might as well as been playing Flag Football instead of tackle . Players on the line hardly touching each other , players falling down when touched rather than being tackled isnt even comparative of this sport . It was a total disgrace .

One of my biggest problems with the Pro Bowl is the amount of players who are bailing on the game due to some sort of injury. At last count 16 non-Super Bowl participants had pulled out, pressing a record number of alternates into action. I'm not sure why the number is that high or how the system can be fixed. Maybe they would be more willing to play with the ailment if it entailed a free week's vacation in Hawaii. Or maybe greater compensation to entice the players who are voted into the game to, you know, actually play.

The irony is that the honor of being selected to play in the Pro Bowl has always been less than being named to the Associated Press All-Pro team. Too often Pro Bowlers are selected based on reputation even though they no longer are playing at a high level.

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