Friday, January 27, 2012

Really Bad Neighbors

For all of you who live in other parts of the country you will have no idea what im talking about but trust me , you will soon . I was going to go off on the whole East Haven fiasco but I really want to put all my thoughts together so im gonna hold off till Monday for it .

Until then , Enjoy this column :

Who knows who is to blame here? All I know is having shitty neighbors is the worst. The absolute worst. And I guarantee that if nobody moves somebody ends up dead. I feel like at least 25% of 48 hour mysteries start with neighbor disputes.

PS – I couldn’t really tell what Joe’s deal was the entire fight? He clearly was getting his ass kicked by an MMA type guy yet he wouldn’t let go. Then he told his wife to call 911 and then tried to keep fighting again and started throwing rocks at people. Bizarre ring strategy to say the least.

Moral of the story here, no matter who's right or who's wrong, is that you should NEVER EVER engage in a fistfight with your neighbor while wearing house slippers. It's so embarrassing...

Here we go .....

Ghetto Hikes - A 28 year old guy takes urban kids on nature walks, he writes down what they say. Some real gems in here (even though this will probably end up being proven to be fake, just like every other awesome thing out there).

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