Saturday, January 28, 2012

Weekend At Willies Think Discover Confront TDC

Use your smart phone. You know you want to.

Welcome to the Mighty TDC owned and operated by the Bossman, Richie Fowler.

Here is the weekend edition by his pal and yours: willies.

Richie has operated this fine site for a decade and more, and here you will enjoy some excellent discussion, some derailed threads of such discussion, and more, in the forums of this site.

Here, when you enter into the forums, you can choose your own persona, and import your avatar, and have your way with all of us.

FB has nothing on creating your own persona. You can get fired from your job for the shit you post on FB.

Come inside, and have your fun.

Let’s have some linky linky fun, shall we?


Irish Willis Peele’s pic of a young Jon Stewart, of The Daily Show, seen moshing at a Dead Kennedy’s show, 1982.

Jon is an original Punk. Fuck yeah. Thanks, Peele, sir dude. Nicely done.

Front Line mosh pit @ Casablanca (club) in Richmond, VA (w/ Dead Kennedys)
note; The Daily Show's Jon Stewart (middle/back of pack) a student @ William & Mary @ time of photo. Also, Xavier Ceniceros (lead singer Andre's brother) in foreground.


10 Misconceptions about shit that you don’t know.

Ron Paul is a punkass, hey what? Kinda racist? Wha?

Don’t be a punkass and debut the death of Paterno (which means “Father type figure”) before it’s time. Wha?

It needs to be a 100 days after your god dies before you can use your cell phone. ‘Specially if your god is Kim Jong I Don’t Feel So Weeeee-ill.

Lastly, the link to TDC WEAW Weekend At Willies story thang.

God Help You.

God Help Us All.

---willies out.

OK, One More For Ya.

This has going viral: a Britland chick who sings like a ghost.

Lana Del Rey. Born To Die. It relates to the TDC WEAW Weekend At Willies Story link above, in a way that you should never imagine.

---willies out

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