Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Welcome Back

What a fantastic game the Winter Classic was yesterday , Big props to the Flyers and the Rangers for putting on a great show letting everyone know that Hockey is alive and well in America !!!

Ok , Now that I got that out of the way I hope everyone had a great holiday and it's time to drag your lazy asses back to work . So here are some things to take up a little of your time .

Here we go ...

"‘Occupy Wall Street’ Participation To Earn Class Credit At Columbia U."

Why is it called a Station Wagon?

Researchers discover: If your name is Mandy, Justin, Chantal or Kevin, you're less likely to get laid.

He’s One of the Nation’s Highest-Paid CEOs, and You’ve Never Heard of Him or His Company

Semi-Naked Shoppers Line Up For Free Clothes In Madrid (PHOTOS)

Raiders of the Lost Ark shot-for-shot tracing
of the adventure movies it borrowed from

Dennis Rodman is starting a topless women's basketball team
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