Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Bron Bron

Ok , Im not a huge NBA fan but I like Lebron James and want him to win a title ...Then I found out about his comments this weekend during the All Star Weekend and it made me rethink my love for Lebron .

LeBron James told reporters at this past weekend’s NBA All-Star festivities that he would likely participate in the Slam Dunk Contest if there was $1 million purse involved

I was actually planning on writing a blog today about how maybe the biggest slap in the face to any fans in any sport in the world is how guys like Lebron James refuse to do the dunk contest. How they get paid millions and millions of dollars to play basketball and they don’t even have the common courtesy to give the fans what they want. How it should be in their contract that if David Stern says you have to participate in the dunk contest you have to participate. Talk about how it’s literally obscene that they sit courtside dressed like entitled douchebags watching no names do this event. That’s it’s spitting in the face of the guys like Dr. J, Michael Jordan and Dominique who put on shows that are still talked about to this day. That any fan of the NBA should be appalled, disgusted and embarrassed that Lebron and Blake Griffin didn’t go head to head in this.

But then I decided to just let it go since NBA Allstar weekend was already over and I’m sick of talking about what a gigantic cunt Lebron is. That was until I read this quote. Lebron saying he’d do it for 1 million bucks. And there it is. This is why he is the most hated man in the world. Everything is about money. Nothing is about winning or competitive pride. Bron Bron only cares about Bron Bron. That’s why he has no friends, no rings and no life. That’s why he stomped on his hometown and made a mockery of the Cavs with The Decision. He just doesn’t give a shit about the fans or doing what’s right. That’s all there is too it. If you don’t pay Lebron 20K you can’t come to his birthday party. If you don’t pay him 1 million bucks he won’t do the dunk contest. He has reaped all the spoils of success without having to win anything and as a result thinks he’s bigger than the game. Any fan worth their salt should boycott him forever.

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