Sunday, February 26, 2012

End Of The World


The following, below, are the links that I promised you yesterday. Thanks for checking into Richie Fowler’s Daily Column every time that you do so.

I have the End Chapter to the Moon Cabin for you. It’s been nice having you read my long tale. Thank you, my friend. See you around.

So, climate change and global warming has been the concern of most thinking folks for years now. But is this simply a recurring, natural event? Some scientist think so, in their findings about the decline and erasure of the ancient Maya civilization in what is now known as Peru. The full text is available only if you subscribe to Science Magazine, but the lovely site io9 has their distillation of the text. Check it out.

Bill Maher donates a million bucks to Obama. Guess the prez needs the cash?

On to happier thoughts for your Sunday Leisure Time perusal, my friend. Your leisure time is quite valuable, after your busy week, and we welcome your expenditure of it here at this fine site, one stop among many in your internet traveling.

Slighty NSFW and odd but somehow a bit arousing. “There are children on the Sky Train! Sit Your Whore Ass Down!”

I'm bringing sexy back. <--- nsfw, baby

So how do YOU take it when all the cameras are on you, and you react to either winning or losing the almighty Oscar? Wall of gifs, from Fourfour’s site. Gifs eat up a system’s resources. Don’t click if you think your computer will hang. But it’s quite interesting.

Smaller gif file that won’t overheat your chip’s clock. An oldie but goodie, from CBZ. Puffy calling Bjork on the phone for possibly recording a duet. Tiny but long. (That reads weirdly…)

Danica Patrick is sexy (but don’t call her that), and she drives fast and hard, don’t call her a bitch. Asshole.

Just watch out how you land.

NBC’s Jimmy Fallon does what he does best: impersonate other people. Here he is, as Eddie Vedder.

Speaking of which, “The Dingos Got My Baby!” Always wondered about that, right? Well, Aussie Land re-opens the case.

The above pic is from Sonja Hinrichsen, and here is her site. Enter and enjoy yourself on your Sunday.

God Help You.

God Help Us All.

---willies out.

OK, One More For You.

I wish I could play the piano this well. The excellent Foo song “Everlong” played by TalkWithYourFingers.

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