Friday, February 17, 2012

Feel Good Friday & Freaky Fuck Friday

This is another day like last week where im gonna send you into the weekend on a high . This video is fantastic and makes the cockles of your heart all warm inside .... If it doesnt then your a sick ,dark , heartless asshat !

I want to be best friends with this wolf and grizly bear so bad! Animals are the best! The fucking best! Ok , So you can now Cue the comment section dildos… “Hey Rich stop posting girly shit you gayball!” Fuck off bro. If this doesn’t melt your heart than I hope you die a gruesome death..

On the Flip side , If your a Emo asshole or a miserable bastard then this part of the column is for you .

There is losing a fight and then there is losing a fight. Getting one shotted, slamming your head onto the pavement, leaking blood out of your brain, making a weird dying noise as you try to sit up, crashing into a fence, being knocked out of your sneakers and having it posted on youtube is losing a fight. The only thing that could have matter this worse/better is if the guy who knocked him out threw some loose change at him while he on the ground and said “now we’re even.” In hindsight I’m actually not sure how he didn’t do that.

PS – Worst part is the guy who got massacred threw the first punch. I bet he wishes he had that back.

Here we go .....

Naked rowers break Atlantic record . Judging by the picture, the exact record they broke is "most clothing worn by naked people."

Hall of Fame catcher Gary Carter dies at age 57

Belen Rodriguez shows off a tattoo on her hoo-ha

5 Idiotic Misconceptions
About Calling Customer Service

Firefighters have managed to save 200 pounds of Polish sausage from what they're calling the best-smelling fire they've doused in years.

A great illustration of how Wikipedia really works (or rather, fails to)

Unreal Underground: the World’s 10 Coolest Subway Systems

Christina Ricci Topless Post-Reduction...NSFW - GREAT PIC !!!

" People dislike Kim Kardashian for a wide variety of perfectly justified reasons, but she does have pretty brown hair and enormous tits, and when she went to Barrys Bootcamp in Sherman Oaks for a workout this morning, it seemed as though she wanted me to stare at her enormous tits. And so that’s what I’m doing. What a dynamite team she and I make. "

Music Break Friday ....

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